Family Impact Restoration Ministries


You know how families who are facing traumatic life pressures struggle to live and enjoy a fulfilled and fruitful life with a sense of destiny?

We solve this.

We do this by providing families with the tools they need, as individuals and as a family unit, through various modified behavior programs, relevant life skills and spiritual development training.

Family Impact Restoration Ministries (F.I.R.M.) is a non-profit, 501(c)3, organization that specializes in empowering families by applying a holistic approach to addressing the various needs within a family.

Each ministry is committed to sound biblical principles with an emphasis on personal integrity, responsibility, self-reliance, and family values.

F.I.R.M. services children, teens, singles, marriages and families as a whole with a variety of programs, training and services that are engaging as well as entertaining, and provides answers to their physical, emotional, educational, social, financial, and spiritual needs.

The Ministries:

Beauty Inside Out Logo longBeauty Inside Out Women’s Ministry is designed to help women discover their inner beauty that transforms them physically, mentally and spiritually.



Dream Again LogoDream Again is a holistic training and mentoring program that brings hope, restoration and healing to women who have overcome significant obstacles and traumatic events such as sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, domestic violence or even homelessness.




Detour Program is designed to assist adolescents as they attempt to navigate through middle school, high school and all of tdetour 2he challenges that come with that process. This transitional program has two distinct tracts:  Alternate Route, a diversion program, and My Life, a prevention program.


SCHOLARS Initiative sliderSCHOLARS Initiative is a program that empowers our future leaders, from ages 10—18, by blending academic learning with enrichment activities to increase academic achievement and positive social behavior.


The S.A.L.T. Logo 2S.A.L.T. (Singles Applying the Lord’s Truth) launches singles to a life of new vision as they comprehend God’s purpose for singleness as they participate in an interactive bible study.




Intimacies of Marriage focuses on the spiritual and practical aspects of improving couples’ relationship with God, translating that relationship The Intimacies of Marriage Logo longtoward their spouse, and learning how to see the world from their spouse’s perspective.