Family Impact Restoration Ministries

Family Impact Restoration Ministries (F.I.R.M.) is a non-profit community organization that empowers families toward pursuing their purpose and enjoying life by instilling hope, belief, trust and commitment to sound biblical principles with emphasis on personal integrity, responsibility, ethics, self-reliance, family values, and helping others to succeed.

Family Impact Restoration Ministries is a combination of several ministries that are united under one roof; F.I.R.M. Together, these ministries service elementary children, teens, singles and the family as a whole with a variety of programs, training and services that are engaging as well as entertaining, providing answers to their physical, emotional, educational, social, financial, and spiritual needs.

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Family Impact Restoration Ministries

The Beauty Inside Out Women’s Group

Beauty Inside Out Women’s Group is designed to help women discover their inner beauty that transforms them physically, mentally and spiritually.




Family Impact Restoration Ministries


Re-Wired, which is a part of BIO Women’s Group, is designed to assist in providing young women with the tools that they need to become the women they are called to be. The focus of this program is for women in recovery and transitional programs who lack the necessary life and work skills that will allow then to experience success.



Family Impact Restoration Ministries


The Detour Program

The DETOUR Program is designed to assist adolescents as they attempt to navigate through middle school, high school and all of the challenges that come with that process. It is a transition program with two distinct tracts; The Alternate Route is a diversion program and My Life is a prevention program.





Family Impact Restoration Ministries

The S.A.L.T. Singles Ministry

The S.A.L.T. Singles Ministry teaches the meaning and purpose of being single in addition to how to set the standard for single living.




Family Impact Restoration Ministries


The Intimacies of Marriage Course

The Intimacies of Marriage Course teaches the spiritual and practical aspects of improving your relationship with God and translating that relationship toward your spouse.




Scholars InitiativeSCHOLARS Initiative

SCHOLARS Initiative is a program that blends academic learning with enrichment activities to increase academic achievement and positive social behavior.



Family Impact Restoration Ministries’ approach emphasizes unique parental, single and marriage enrichment programs in combination with bringing out the beauty within the woman, building a strong foundation within the man, and implementing youth development strategies in order to strengthen the family unit as a whole. Family Impact Restoration Ministries is a community organization ministry that specializes in the provision of modified behavior programs, relevant life skills and spiritual development training, so families can enjoy life to the fullest.