Family Impact Restoration Ministries


Family Impact Restoration Ministries (F.I.R.M.) is a non-profit community organization that empowers families toward pursuing their purpose and enjoying life by instilling hope, belief, trust and commitment to sound biblical principles with emphasis on personal integrity, responsibility, ethics, self-reliance, family values, and helping others to succeed.

This family ministry is a combination of several ministries that are united under one roof:

Together, these ministries service elementary children, teens, singles and the family as a whole with a variety of programs, training and services that are engaging as well as entertaining, providing answers to their physical, emotional, educational, social, financial, and spiritual needs.

MISSION – Our Service

The mission of Family Impact Restoration Ministries is to empower families to succeed by applying a holistic approach to address their needs. This is accomplished by implementing the following:

  • Marriage Enhancement Classes
  • Parenting Skills Training
  • The Total Man and Fathering Programs
  • Women’ Enrichment Programs
  • Single’s Ministry
  • Adolescent Life Skills
  • Children’s Leadership Development


FAMILY – Our Goal

Our goal is to provide families with the tools they need, as individuals and as a family unit, to fulfill their divine purpose, accomplish their dreams, and have fun doing it.


IMPACT – Our Purpose

Our purpose is to reveal God’s love to the family. Through our various modified behavior programs, relevant life skills and spiritual development training, families will gain a profound understanding of how to allow God’s love and joy control their house and transform their hearts while achieving their goals.



Our vision is to see families restored to the place and condition to which God intended. While in this state, families will begin living and enjoying a fulfilled and fruitful life with a sense of destiny.


MINISTRY – Our Heart

Our heart is to see families having enough divine and natural provisions to overcome obstacles, and develop their own vision that will help cut away the barriers that prevent them from seeing clearly and moving forward. When families see the vision to which God has called them, they will be strengthened, restored, and find courage to fulfill that vision even in the midst of trouble.


F.I.R.M.’s approach emphasizes unique parental, single and marriage enrichment programs in combination with bringing out the beauty within the woman, building a strong foundation within the man, and implementing youth development strategies in order to strengthen the family unit as a whole. Family Impact Restoration Ministries is a community organization that specializes in the provision of modified behavior programs, relevant life skills and spiritual development training, so families can enjoy life to the fullest.